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Extinction: Imminent
Broadcast Signal: Pirate

District of Olympus Archives
Mortal Hall
Αρχείο Περιφέρειας

Temple of Dione

Extinction: Imminent
Broadcast Signal: Pirate
District of Olympus Archives
Mortal Hall
Αρχείο Περιφέρειας
Temple of Dione



District of Olympus

In the shadowed halls of Mount Olympus, where the echoes of eternity ripple through the air, the pantheon of ancient deities convene. Here, where the ambrosial nectar flows and the divine discourse shapes the fates of mortals, the mighty Zeus, with thunderbolt in hand, presides over the assembly with unyielding sovereignty. Beneath the watchful eyes of Athena, wisdom weaves through the discourse like threads of gold through a tapestry of ages, her owl perched silently upon her shoulder, a sentinel of hidden knowledge.

Amidst the olive groves, the whispers of the nymphs entwine with the rustling leaves, carrying tales as old as the earth itself. Apollo, with his lyre of sunbeams, strums melodies that dance upon the winds, enchanting all who listen with songs of beauty and sorrow. The air is thick with the scent of ambrosia and the murmurs of prophecy, as the Oracle, Ananke, breathes vapors of truth, her words a cascade of riddles and revelations that shape the destiny of empires and heroes alike.

A portrait of the Goddess Hera.
The Queen of the Gods is a deity that embodies the essence of various primary female Goddesses from different civilizations around the world. The H...
A portrait of the Goddess Ananke.
Ananke is a primordial deity and the personification of inevitability, compulsion, and necessity. She is the Goddess of Cosmic Knowledge, Fate, and...
A portrait of the Goddess Verdandi Moirai.
The Goddess of Death is a deity found in various mythologies around the world, associated with the end of life and the transition to the afterlife....


Seren Stoneheart, middle sister of the Moirai, and often thought to be the Goddess of Mortal Allotment. Image generated by Adobe Firefly.
The Enigmatic Tale of Seren Stoneheart: Civilization's Search for Ancient Wisdom In a world far removed, a new civilization unearthed an ancient t...
Andi Stoneheart, daughter of Ana Stoneheart, possibly associated with the Goddess of Death. Image generated by Adobe Firefly.
The Enigmatic Tale of Andi Stoneheart: A Future Civilization's Search for Answers Once upon a time, far beyond the reaches of our imagination, a g...
Wayne Sherman, Executive Vice President, Midwest for NBC. A large, balding, obnoxious man walking toward you on a TV set. Image generated by Adobe Firefly.
Wayne Sherman is an Executive Vice President for NBC in the Midwest region, but his role in the grand scheme of humanity is minimal. Despite his la...


KDEN-TV local news affiliate, Denver, Colorado. Image generated by Adobe Firefly.
KDEN-TV – Local News Affiliate – Denver, CO
KDEN-TV is a local news affiliate located in Denver, Colorado. Established in 2015, KDEN-TV quickly became a trusted source of local news, weather,...
Old Stage Road above Colorado Springs with Pikes Peak in the background. Image generated by Adobe Firefly.
Old Stage Road – Colorado Springs, CO
Old Stage Road is a historic dirt road located in the picturesque mountains above Colorado Springs, Colorado. This once-bustling thoroughfare serve...


A statue of Roman Emperor Caligula located in the Temple of Jerusalem.
Artifact 1.1 Rome – 40 AD♁ Roman Emperor Caligula, well known as a sadistic tyrant and religious extremist, theologically suppressed the sermons ...
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