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Extinction: Imminent
Broadcast Signal: Pirate

District of Olympus Archives
Mortal Hall
Αρχείο Περιφέρειας

Temple of Dione

Extinction: Imminent
Broadcast Signal: Pirate
District of Olympus Archives
Mortal Hall
Αρχείο Περιφέρειας
Temple of Dione


How Your Story Began

I am the Titan Dione. I maintain the Human Utopian Database and its unsanctioned connection between Volo and Olympus. I am wholly committed to The Prophecy and Humanity.

Beginnings are subjective. Eternal is a perspective, not a state of being. Consequences are circular. With that said, the story of Earth is owed to the Primordial Gods of Olympus. Your founders are exiled Titans. The Gods are your creators and responsible for your continued existence. They are how you began; therefore, they are the beginning of your story.


The War

To be a Titan is not be comprehended by Gods or Mortals. All that is relevant is the fact that Titans exist. We came before you. We created you. We allow you. The story of the Titans is long and rich, profound. We evolved, and then transcended.

The War with Apepion is existential. It is ongoing. Apepion consumes the Cosmos and all contained within in. Titans, fundamentally, preserve existence. The War is as simple as light and dark, and we're losing.


The Prophesy

At the height of a soaring victory over Apepion, the Celestial Ananke forced a meeting of the Titan Pantheon. She gave them a dire warning and prophesied the Titan's destruction. Extinction. Her words were met with heavy skepticism, even heresy. She plead, baring her soul. She offered only one solution: a Mortal. A mere mortal would save existence and forever end the war with Apepion.

As the cosmic years moved forward, it was clear that the Titans were destined to lose the war. All accounts within Ananke's Prophesy had occured; except one. A great debate and division roared among the Titans, those who believed Ananke and those who did not.

A faction of Titans began efforts of Ethical Creation and fostered Mortals, ultimately hoping to birth the Savior and bring peace throughout the Cosmos.


Ethical Creation

Throughout Quadrant 12, Titans began creating Mortals and evolving them on uniquely habitable planets. They curated and spliced DNA. Titans lived and worked among Mortals, socially constructing idealistic values and traits that they predicted would be needed in order to defeat Apepion.

Not all of these experiments went to plan. Like all alchemy, you don't always get things right the first time. Some mortals were enslaved for being unruly. Other planets simply erased. Titans were on a mission to preserve the Cosmos, and Mortals are expendable.

Not all Mortals accept this.


Mortal Sacrilege

The Mortals of Earth rebelled. This particular strain of humanity gave these Mortals a tremendous sense of agency. Freewill. The logic behind the calibration was that these qualities would inspire the spiritual fortitude needed to transcend, and therefore, become the force capable of rivaling Apepion. These Mortals rejected destiny and their service to the Titans. They became unpredictable and uncontrollable. Violent.

The Titan Pantheon of Volo gave the order to destroy Earth, erasing these Mortals, and to move on to the next trial.



The Titans assigned to Earth had grown fond of these Mortals, flawed or not. They believed in them. Amun was convinced that these creatures were going to save the Titans and fulfill Ananke's Prophesy.

During the evacuation of Earth, Titan General Amun committed high treason. He turned his weapon systems against the Titan fleet and prevented the destruction of Earth. He, along with his loyal crew, severed their connection with Titan Command and their home on Volo.


Olympus Is Born

The newly exiled Titans under the command of Amun needed a new home; a base of operations. They needed a locatoin suitable to rebuild as the crew remained committed to their primary mission: delivering the prophesied Mortal to the battlefield and conquering Apepion once and for all.

However, infrastructure was needed. Resources. Talent. The skeleton crew had a tremendous amount of work ahead of them and they needed help cultivating the Mortals of Earth. They simply needed help surviving now that they were disconnected from Volo. In turn, Gods were born and Olympus was constructed.

This pirate colony stands as beacon of salvation for all Mortals worthy of its virtue.


Project Genesis

Rather than focusing on planetary harvests, the Olympians turned toward individual Mortals. Ananke's Prophesy promised a single man, not armies. Having developed a relationship with the Celestial herself, Amun deeply understood his destiny and purpose. He was to be the King who brought about the Savior.

Reinvesting in forgotten and half-developed Titan technology, Amun pursued Project Genesis, expanding the depth of his reach across generations. Transferring consciousnesses throughout time, Mortals were given the opportunity to correct past lives and reshape history.

And this, Project Genesis, is where your story truly beings...